There are few joys in life as reliable and ever-present as music. Multiple studies have shown that playing an instrument can be a huge boost to your overall mental health. Music truly is a universal language and something that can be used to connect you with others all around the world. 

Some people over a certain age may think they have missed the boat when it comes to learning an instrument. However, this simply isn’t true. You can, for example, learn the guitar at any age.

What do you need to know to get started going down this rewarding and memorable journey? Read on and we’ll walk you through some essential tips and tricks.

1. Set Time Aside

It’s an old truism that practice makes perfect, but this is as true when it comes to learning guitar as it is anywhere else. Studies have proven it! Getting good at playing guitar is all about teaching yourself to turn what’s manual into something that comes second nature.

That can only be done with a lot of repetition. You’re literally working your mind into a mode of muscle memory, and that can only be done with lots and lots of practice. 

Thus, the most important thing to do if you’re serious about playing guitar is to set aside some time to allow yourself to practice and get better. Even twenty minutes every day, before or after work, could be enough to help cement guitar basics into your mind. 

2. Allow For Frustration

A lot of novice players feel that if they don’t immediately get the hang of playing a few chords, the guitar simply isn’t for them. This just isn’t true.

Even experienced guitar players get frustrated at the work it requires to learn new skills or expand their knowledge. Frustration is a perfectly normal and acceptable part of the learning process, and it is nothing to feel ashamed about. 

Accepting and understanding this can help to ensure that you aren’t giving up on your dreams of learning the guitar just because you hit a roadblock. 

3. Seek Help & Encouragement

No one achieves anything great without support, and learning a new instrument can work in the same way. The more outside support you have from friends and family, the more encouraged you’ll be to continue along your journey. 

They can help you to celebrate small achievements and encourage you to keep forging forward. 

A guitar teacher can also be a great source of aid and encouragement and can help push you in the directions you need to go to get better as a player.

Looking to Learn the Guitar? 

If you’re hoping to learn an instrument in the coming year, getting familiar with a few helpful tips and tricks can make the process much easier. The above are just a few things to keep in mind if you’re looking to learn the guitar.

Need more assistance or interested in taking lessons? Reach out to us anytime for help. We’d love to hear from you!