Did you know that the record for the most instruments played simultaneously is five? The record was set by a man who played the pocket trumpet, piano, harmonica, electric guitar, and electric bass.

While you might not aspire to meet—let alone exceed—that record, there are many good reasons to take music lessons like drum lessons in Nashville. Are you curious about what benefits you can unlock by learning to play an instrument or taking voice lessons from professional music teachers?

Keep reading to find out three reasons to take music lessons in Nashville, TN.

1. Music Lessons Help With Academics

When you sign your kids up for drum lessons, guitar lessons, piano lessons, voice lessons, or bass guitar lessons, you’ll set them up for academic success. The same holds true if you’re attending post-secondary classes or courses.

Under the instruction of a music instructor, students will learn transferable skills to the classroom setting. By learning about rhythm, scales, and beats, students will learn to figure out patterns and how to divide.

A study conducted by researchers at Stanford University demonstrates that the ability to pay instruments enables the brain to fire at increased speeds and can boost the ability to read and do basic math.

It makes sense to look into piano lessons in Nashville or other music lessons.

2. Take Bass Guitar Lessons, Piano Lessons, and Drum Lessons in Nashville to Develop Physical Skills

Another reason why taking music lessons makes sense is that doing so can help people develop physical skills.

Are you a parent interested in helping your kids develop better hand-eye coordination? Learning to play specific instruments—like percussion instruments—can help kids develop their motor and coordination skills.

They will have to use their hands, and some instruments will require them to use their feet. Learning to play instruments will help with timing since they will need to know when to, say, use the right hand, the left hand, or both hands.

Are you a parent who has experience playing one or more instruments? You might want to explore becoming a music teacher. You can contact a music school near you to learn how to become a music teacher.

You can also go online at type in “music teaching jobs near me” to find jobs teaching music. One of the gifts for a music teacher is seeing students gain confidence by learning to play musical instruments. 

3. Develop Social Skills With Guitar Lessons in Nashville, Voice Lessons in Nashville, or Bass Guitar Lessons in Nashville

One of the things you’ll notice if you’re a parent whose kids take music lessons or a music teacher instructing kids is the social impact lessons can have.

Kids who take music lessons will need to communicate with their music teachers and other kids taking music lessons. They will also possibly collaborate during lessons, further developing social skills.

One of the music teacher gifts is seeing reserved kids open up somewhat with other students learning to play musical instruments. It’s one thing that makes music teaching jobs rewarding for instructors.

Are You Looking for Music Lessons in Nashville?

Whether you wish to sign your kids up for guitar lessons, piano lessons, voice lessons, bass guitar lessons, or drum lessons in Nashville, we’re here to help.

We serve people of all ages and skill levels who want to take music lessons. Whatever style you’re interested in learning, we can help. All lessons are taught at our schools by highly trained instructors.

 In our business, one of the most meaningful gifts for a music teacher is seeing kids succeed. Sign up to get started.